If you have ever wondered what your employees or freelancers are really doing when you are not piercing over their shoulders you might consider  employee time tracking software. 

What are your employees doing? Are they browsing their Facebook feed or surfing Pinterest for dinner ideas? Maybe they are just sitting there looking busy; are they being productive? Or what if they are working for someone else while you are footing the bill!

I had a brand-new team of virtual assistants that worked across the world while I slept when I was first introduced to Screenshot Monitor.  I was urged very strongly to use the software so I could make certain they were working for me while they billed me for their time.  So, during the replacement period for the new hires if I saw they were not doing as instructed, I could just share the screenshot report and get a replacement free of charge.

I paid top dollar for a company to find these personal VA’s; my thought was “they better be working on my things if I am paying them!” To take full advantage of my free replacement period, I signed up for the free trial so I could see as many details as I could.  (There is a completely free version too!)  To be honest, I found it intrusive and was going to cancel it after the trail.


That is until I discovered what else it could do!

Instant Financial Snapshot

No more guessing how much your payroll bill will be!  Right on your home page screen you can see instantly how much your payroll is in real time. You can also see who is working right now as well as the day before, all week or even all month!

To sweeten the software, you can create a time report to bill your clients, compare with your bill your VA’s bill you or the amount to pay them if you pay directly.  I have found the reports section very time saving as well as trust building.  Now when I bill a client for time worked, I have the screenshot report to share with them. It shows what we worked on, when we worked on it and how much time we spent on it for the billing period.

Instant Project Overview

The simple report tab can also produce an instant project overview.  This has been vital in shifting our non-revenue generating time to revenue producing time.  The cost effectiveness to this is that I see it in real time.  No more waiting for six months wondering why revenue decreased. This single snapshot report will allow you to identify and correct non-revenue time.

Screenshot monitor LongIncreased Productivity

Red means STOP, it symbolizes danger. Orange is another very strong warning indicator that something is just not right.  Aside from making sure they are working, when I discovered the productive monitor I could easily spot problems.  I saw red and orange, oh yes it does give you percentages too but the red and orange colors stand out boldly.  So are they daydreaming?  Are they playing on their phone? Did the doorbell ring and they leave my time running?

I could immediately in fact, address this low productivity and ask them why activity was low.  My crew was not daydreaming, they were confused about the task.  Since their culture is not to offend, they do not ask typically questions. They did not ask for further clarification for fear of offending me.  I was able to provide further instruction and immediately saw an increase in productivity time. After all, thirty minutes of productive work is far better than half a day of nonproductive.

Decreased re-work

Increasing productivity was fantastic but the ability to view in real time what they are working on has decreased our re-work 10 fold.  Since we use Trello for our project management software, sometimes it’s assumed all is well when instruction is provided there in detail.   Well, guess again lol.

I’ve been guilty of putting the wrong link in project description.  Another scenario is instruction dictates changes to a certain page.  Well, since my hands are on all projects, I may make duplicate pages, each being a little different to determine which I prefer.

The screenshots provide a quick look of thumbnails as you can see in some of the above images.  This allows me to instantly see what they are working on.  If they are on the wrong page to edit.  If they are in the wrong account managing comments. Or even simply seeing colors that I know will not work; I’m able to halt and re-direct immediately instead of seeing after complete only to re-do.

So the question was “Should You Use Employee Time Tracking Software”?

Honestly, I felt spying on employees and my VA’s was intrusive at first thought.  Screenshot Monitor has save me valuable time and precious resources.  Rather you chose to use employee time tracking software to ensure you are getting what you are paying for, to provide a trust factor for billing your clients or as a money saving application, I highly recommend Screenshot Monitor.

These are the common reasons services like Upwork use time tracking software.
However, what if you are not using these services? Can you be assured you are paying what is deserved? Do you have a way to provide the assurity to your clients? Do you have thousands to re-create this type of service so you can use it? I didn’t but I wanted the service and Screenshot Monitor provides it all!

Sherri BW

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