Top Paid MLM & Network Marketing Leaders Only

Ok Multi-level marketing aka MLM & Network Marketing leaders, what do you do about the wining new signups in your biz-op or affiliate system?   You have built a huge down-line all on your own.  Some of you may even have found yourself placing new recruits under some new signups. Perhaps it was because they are showing some potential, or maybe you are just testing out a new leg and are using them to test it. BUT, why are they wining anyway, you have given them the SAME steps to follow that has helped you become successful:

  • You have sent the Welcome email with your contact information and recommended packages to get started quickly
  • You have guided them to what social media channels to follow and like
  • You have added them to your team group and/or the company group
  • You have determined their pain and outlined a goal for them
  • You have had them make a list of all their contacts via phone and social media
  • You have explained the importance of the three-way calls and even given them a script to use

You did this too and have been successful so why can’t some of your down-line…or your down-line’s down-line, what is wrong with them?  Their complaints…

  • Nobody will talk to them or answer their emails, texts or instant messages
  • Their friends are avoiding them, after all this is the 6th one they have joined
  • They have called all 1000+ people they know and no one will do a three-way call (so you can close them)
  • No one has the money, even though you will break this thought if they could just get them on the phone!
  • No one wants to do a home party or online virtual party (if any, depending on your MLM)
  • Their signups (customer or biz opp) don’t stick
  • They don’t have time
  • I can’t
  • I tried

This list goes on and on and on.  You don’t get it because you followed these same steps and are doing great.  You started exactly where they started, as a new distributor/promoter and worked the process step by step.  Maybe you have even asked another top leader to look over them and see if they could help them (just in case it was a personality thing).

You can’t focus on the laggers you have to focus on the ones on their way to success. After all, you have a great team and they need your help. So after a while you just put them in non-active pile or labeled them as just not really trying and move on to the next.  However, there is still part of you being a leader that makes you really want to help the laggers, even though you think have tried everything to help them.

Well, we know it’s all about attraction marketing and no matter how we try to explain this, our laggers are still lagging.  What if there was a way how to brand themselves, could learn how to get leads – real quality leads,  how to be a “Pro”, even make money from day one with out it conflicting from the MLM.  They could learn how to close prospects, and actually promote the MLM (according to company standards of course) while they are making money learning your way…… although you are not interested in multiple streams of income, as long as it does’t conflict with the MLM  why not show them how to be a leader another way when everything you have tried hasn’t worked.  Check out this short video HERE, it explains this more in detail.

BTW, what are some of your complaints from your lagging downline? Feel free to leave me a comment, I will research it, see who else is having the same problem and best of all, find solutions!