How is your website ranking? Are you lacking SEO or keyword research skills? Here are some free and easy keyword research tools to boost your SEO and help you get ranked!

Unless you are willing to “pay to play”, your website needs to ranking pretty high in the search results for your chosen keywords. This will provide you with organic reach. Others find your blog articles, they read, they like, they comment and they share. However, you have to be among the top results.  These easy SEO keyword research tools will help you. You may be familiar with a couple of these 5 easy tools, but may not be sure how or why to use them.

So let’s dig in and get started.  Think about your topic and write it down. Before you write any copy, go through the steps in the easy SEO tools. This will even help you write the blog article!  Now, you may need set up a couple of these accounts, but it’s well worth it I promise you. I have other articles that go into each of these free SEO keyword research tools, and of course Google and YouTube work very well.

Google Keyword Planner

How did you guess!  Yes the number one place to start is with Google’s Keyword Planner. Remember I said to start with your topic. Not your title, but a simple topic you wish to rank on. Using this article as an example, the general topic was “seo keyword tools”. Notice I didn’t use a single word like SEO or Keyword which turned an outlandish result. I also searched “keyword research seo tools”  and “seo keyword research tools” with similar results.

Now the results and what they mean for you: Google shows 100-1,000 searches per month for the term “seo keyword tools”. If I were paying to play and chose to do a PPC, my suggested bid from Google is $3.31. Well, for those search terms, I honestly don’t feel that’s to bad considering the millions of search results. However, let’s look a bit deeper.  You don’t want to even attempt to rank on results showing 10K, 100K, 1M or anything even close, unless your pockets are really deep. If you are looking to rank organically, you need to take a different look entirely.

The purpose of this is to show you how your keyword (long tail or short) would do in an ad and how much it would cost you.  I suggest looking for lower monthly searches and lower suggested bids. Now jot down a couple and we move to step two.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Search

Yes, and type in your search phrases, all 2-3-4 of them that you narrowed down from your chosen topic. Look at the results and the top ranking pages. Now take a look at the suggested searches that are similar. This is usually shown on the right and sometimes at the bottom. Search results for “seo keyword tools” returned 9.5m results. And notice the related searches Google Suggests, a couple of those were on my keyword tool results for a much lower amount.

SEO Google Search Results

Free keyword tools and keyword tools were also in my lower list searches from google keyword too. You can click on the suggested listings. I usually open in a new window and look at the top ranking articles. You should make note of these.  Many times I will copy both relevant suggest searches and top ranking website links I feel will enhance my article to my word document I am using for my article. Now, these suggested searches will come in handy also after step 4 to help your keyword seo traffic. I suggest copying the ones that best suite your keywords. Keep your word document or editor open. You may prefer to just copy them just as placeholders to remind you to use these.

For example, the third one suggested was for “Free SEO Keyword Tool”. When I clicked on it, I was looking for top ranking websites that would compliment this article. Most of theses were for Google Keyword Planner alternatives such as Keywordtool boasting to be the #1 alternative to the Google Keyword tool.

Use the Google tools!

If you are curious, KWTool does show a list of keywords free, but you need the premium account to see the detailed results Google gives you free. This was the case in many of the keyword traffic tools and free seo tools. Google is still the best tool to use and it’s FREE.


Free SEO Keyword Tool

Did you notice how I  used those other ranking search suggestions in the copy above? Did you notice how I liked to a top ranking website for those keywords.  Ideally you would link to articles that compliment or give credibility to what you are writing about, For instance if you quoted statistics, you could link to your source.

Now it’s time for the next step:


I know you are wondering what’s with all this, I assure you, it all comes together in a couple more steps, Your next step in the five keyword research tools is to  Buzzumo in short, shows you how popular a topic was by means of social sharing.  Social sharing is important too! Again you will type in your general keyword search that you felt ranked the best for your topic.  By the way, remember, you have it narrowed down to a lower bidding and lower monthly searched term that is still relevant to your topic.

buzzsumo results

In reviewing these results, I look for current articles.  If I were to search Facebook, the most shared article might be – Facebook goes public – which of course is old news. I look at the articles that most fit my search topic. Many times with new articles, they rank high here but haven’t yet on Google. Make note of them and study them, there’s a reason they are there. In the next step I am going to show you why they rank so high with social media. (WOW look at the LinkedIn shares!). Before we do though, let’s take a look at the Buzzsumo results above.

What if you don’t like the results?

Using SEO Keyword Tools, it again was showing alternatives to our Google tool.  I wanted to show credibility for this information and the tools shown in this article.  So I changed up the search a little. Now take a look!

SEO Tools for Keyword Research

Now this is much closer!  SEM Rush, Hubspot and of course WordPress are tremendously high ranking sites no matter what the chosen topic is. In this case, all three were offering valuable information but selling services too.  Infibusiness discusses many of these same tools discussed here as well as link-backs to the ever so popular SEM Rush.

You will now see why these articles are more socially shared that other similar ones.

Advanced Marketing Institute

AMI gives a ranking index to how it thinks your audience will emotionally appeal to your topic.  This is where we start getting clever and learning from our above steps.  The term seo keyword tools was too broad for AMI so I had to add some emotional words.  I tried all types of variations wit SEO Tools & keyword in the title. – IE For Keyword Ranking, For website ranking, Free, Great, Overlooked, the list goes on.

Normally giving a numerical number to a task ranks rather high. For instance 5 Steps to Success rather than Steps to Success.  Emotional words help such as Easy or Free, Play around with different power words and even different order of words. After playing around with a few words, I finally decided the title: Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO, ranking an intellectual AMI score over 83%.

Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO

The search for Free SEO Keyword tools ranked an intellectual emotional score of 100%! So why didn’t I use it?Ever how emotionally responsive my audience might be, it falls back to if they even saw the title.  Chose your keyword phrase where you can rank for the same term.  According to Google “SEO keyword tools” is a broader target market, however it was also a much higher search result and a much higher fee should I run an ad.

Now you are probably curious as to why I didn’t use 5 Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO since most like numerical data.  Simple – it didn’t score as well, but it does rank better in Google’s opinion and Buzzsumo too. Therefore, I include it in my copy … the sentence you just read.

Yoast SEO for Word Press

WOW, the hardest part is done, now to combine everything you just learned into your blog or website to boost your organic SEO results.  This is done using the Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin.  Yoast is not only free but probably the best keyword research tool you can use.  What is it: The number ONE plugin on Word Press Sites for SEO Optimization.   They offer many advance modules and upgrades but for a modest website, the free services are more than you will probably even use. Yoast, IMHO is crazy to offer all the fantastic services they do – FREE of CHARGE!  Click to Tweet it!

In fact, I love Yoast so much, I have several other articles on the services, how and why to use them. Yoast is a total game changer! I am going right to the part of Yoast that fits this article – otherwise it might take you a week to read it.  So here we go.

Install Yoast on your website. For newbies or non tech folks, yes I can do this for you.  Yoast also have many tutorials by them and others across the internet.

Let’s recap what you have learned

Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO has five steps.  Step one, keyword planner gave you topics to choose from for step two. Step two you used Google and saw the results as well as suggested results. (You either copied these to your note pad, editor or left the window open showing them).  In step three you learned to use Buzzsumo for social popularity. Then you learned how to define your power title.

In those four steps, you now have your list of other strong ranking keyword rich search suggestions to help boost your SEO ranking. Some of those you actually use in the copy as I pointed out where I did.

Now You can use what you have learned in Yoast.

Yoast Keyword Tool Aide

The main focus of my article was keyword research tools used in seo.  Since the main Focus Keyword should be repeated through out the document, you don’t want your title to be the focus because it just won’t sound right to repeat it over and over.  Although, this one is upwards in search results (10k-100k), which I don’t recommend, you can use different lower result search words in the SEO Title.  You can use another relevant variation in the Slug.  Remember you are using even more specific keyword results in the copy so ad a couple of those in the Meta Keywords. Notice the use of even more variations of googles suggested searches in the Meta Description.

Finally, make sure all your images also use the alt and attributes tags discussed in other Yoast articles. You are wanting the “all green go” signals. Yoast helps you identify each area of improvement too so no worries.

Did you find Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO helpful, please drop me a comment and share it out so it may help others as well. Sharing is Caring.

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keyword seo toolsPS- although I have been doing this for decades, I learned this shorter 5 step process for blogging success from none other than Ray Higdon himself. In Module 9, he shares these and a bit more. What I spent weeks and months learning, his short tutorial has saved me hours of prep work…and boosted by SEO rankings too! As he says ILT – Invest, Learn, Teach.