Are you a DIYer looking to build your own custom website?

Deciding which type of business website is right for you is the hardest choice.  You discover since most custom website builders are limited on design and functionality, you need a custom website.  It is important that you remember, there are other recommend services you need for your online business success but for today, let’s just get started on a DIY Custom Website.  You can add the extras as you grow.

You have probably learned websites require continuum services, either monthly or yearly. We will use yearly fees to keep things easy.  Many providers do offer monthly plans if your getting started budget is limited.


DIY Custom Website Cost:

DIY Website Costs

Package your hosting & registrar together here, WordPress is Free and use Divi to fully customize your new site.

As you can see, the cost to DIY your custom website is more affordable than you think

Word Press offers many free templates for you to custom build your site, so you could start for as little as $16.  Free templates, just as with some website builders, do limit design and functionality. So, the best solution for this is a custom word press theme.  According to Divi is the world’s most popular custom WP theme, especially for business websites.


Then it hits you – You don’t know how to code a custom website!

No worries! Divi has a drag and drop visual web page builder.  There are also hundreds of free pre-made layouts and customization plugins as well. With the power of Divi, Google and YouTube, building a custom website has become so much easier for even the most not-so-tech-savy DIYer.
divi overview-top

With the versatility of Divi you can change your complete website or just the colors in a couple clicks of a button.  The Divi subscript
ion also includes the pro version of Boom and Monarch. With Boom you can create customized popups and optins, eliminating the need for an additional landing page service. Divi overview-middleMonarch is the top social media sharing plug in on Word Press.  It’s easy integration and design layouts means more shares and more followers.

All in all, Divi gives you the ability to DIY your own custom website that will provide you and your visitors a fabulous experience at an extremely affordable price. So now you know much your website is going to cost you if you DIY.


I hope this helps you the best services for your online business success. Drop me a comment and let me know. Caring is sharing, share this to Facebook and help another friend.

Sherri BW

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