Credit Card Acceptance in our evolving cashless society

Credit card acceptance can be so mind blowing today with all the companies and all the new rules!  Do you accept credit cards in your business yet?  Are you confused about how to start accepting credit cards for your business?

Consumers around the world love plastic!  In fact, credit card transactions account for 89% of purchases made in the UK, with 76% made online! American’s statics are very similar.  Per the Federal Reserve, the US debit and credit card transactions account for 5.72 Trillion dollars in 2015.

I have been an entrepreneur for more than 25 years, back in the day when not many business even accepted credit cards.  In 1997 I launched my first website with an online payment processer known then as PayPal purchased the company in 2000.  Back then, it was hard to find a credit card processor,  much less a merchant account for online transactions.

Today, accepting credit cards is vital for any business; online or physical, B2B or B2C. However, with so many new regulations from customer service to integration to payment security there are many things for business owners to consider.  There are thousands of credit card processing companies.  There are also a bunch of well, rather inconspicuous companies claiming to be valid…

YIKES – That’s scary!

Credit Card Acceptance Checklist

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As an entrepreneur, I understand how scary all this can be.  I know it is important to determine what is best for you and your business.  To help you learn more about credit card acceptance, our friends over at BluePay have provided us with a comprehensive checklist to share with you.  Feel free to print it and share it as well.

Nearly 90% of all transactions are made with credit and debit cards. Thus it is essential for you to learn more on implementing into your business. Our world is becoming a cashless society, therefore you should be ready!

I hope this helps you understand credit card acceptance in your business. Drop me a comment and let me know. Caring is sharing, share this to Facebook and help another friend.

Sherri BW

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