How to Get Started Online When You are Clueless or Broke

How to Get Your Business Started Online!

So you are ready to get started online? Rather you are looking to build an online business or expand your brick and mortar to the online digital world, figuring out where to start can be daunting. Perhaps your struggle is even greater if you a non-techy person or on a tight budget. Understanding where to start when you go online is critical.

I use Periscope a lot: So many helpful people going out of their way to help others.  I watch experts explaining what to do, how to do it and some provide easy methods of doing it.  Some of the instruction however to newbies may be overwhelming.  Professionals as a whole tend to think you know what we mean or are thinking when you really don’t.

The question of how to get started online means just that… where do you start if you are clueless or even broke! To help keep it simple, you will see answers to some of the most asked questions and areas of confusion.

Make a Get Started Online Check List:How to get started online

If you have decided to go with a branded website for your business rushing out to buy the first domain name could be detrimental.  If you are contemplating which type of business website you need,  I break three down for you here.

Most all of your begging courses and videos will advise you to secure your Domain as the first step. You can also learn on YouTube, find articles on Google or be fortunate enough to catch a live webinar from a Domain or Branding guru.  Experts advise securing your domain after you keyword research to obtain the best.

I agree but I also recommend a couple steps further to save you heartburn later once you start “getting more social” and your business grows.  These may seem like they are in reverse order but for you to obtain the best domain name you need to take these steps:

Your Personal G-mail Account:

G-mail is short is Google Email.  The very first step to start online is a personal g-mail account. Your personal g-mail is used as a starting point for everything.. A personal G-Mails is easy, free, very simple to create and will be used extensively though out many segments to get started online with your business.  Yes it sounds odd to have  Of course you can upgrade to Gmail for business, in fact I have set up so many GSuite accounts, I have coupons codes to share with you!

Your gmail account, or your Google username, if using upgraded business services, is the link to everything Google.  Your Gmail is linked to your Google+ Page, your Google Voice, your YouTube, your Analytics, your Tag Manager and so much more. I promise you, to set this up first will save you time and headache later. Busienss Gmail

Decide Your Business Niche:

Since there are billions of websites already online, narrowing down your target market is very important. Next, you need to define your niche.  A niche is a very specific segment of the large market you serve. You need to narrow down your target market for the ideal person or business you want to serve via product or service.

Let’s go step by step: If you are an eBook author, what do you write about?

  • Let’s say a car buyers guide …
  • So is the guide for new or used cars?
  • Are they vintage and antique cars?
  • Are they average or high-end (Chevrolet vs Royals-Royce)?
  • Where does your perfect customer or prospect live?
  • What do they do for a living?
  • How old are they?
  • Is the guide for newbies or pros?
  • Do you offer finance options or tax tips in your buyers guide?

These are just a few to help with keyword research as well as your further defining your niche for your prospects.

Other Social Media Channels:

Before you get started online, think about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.  I know sounds odd. But just before you hit the buy button on your domain – check all the relevant social media channels.  Even those you may not be using now or plan to use now. Some sites like Pinterest have shorter usernames than others…keep this in mind!  Channels like Google+ often add an additional word to your page title when it becomes eligible for its own name.

Here’s an example : If your website is set up and titled Bob’s Vintage Royals’ Royce Byers Guide…

  • The full name may be hard to remember.
  • People may miss-spell and end up somewhere else.
  • The full name is also too long to use for many social media handles (usernames) .
  • Google Plus wants another word! When you receive the lucky email from Google+ and you chose to secure your custom name for your page.

Now to purchase your domain name:

In all honestly, you should consider purchasing 2-3 domains to get started online. After all domains are rather inexpensive now.  If you have to settle with one, let it be your name or business name if an actual store you are branding. Before you decide on where to purchase your domain name, read this article!  I discuss this in other posts but , in short the basic reasons are:

  1. You need to brand yourself (or store) not just one actual product or MLM.
  2. As you start promoting other products or services in your line of work people will seek your name over your product.
  3. if you have a general mix of products or services some may not “blend” well with your initial idea of your primary domain.
  • If you are building an affiliate business to get started online, a single product domain can be used. However, you still need your main domain to benefit the most of SEO. More on that later.

Examples using “Bob’s eBook”, you may do another eBook on cheap cars under 1000.  You may even create one for repair your credit so can drive a Royals-Royce. Bob may do so well with these he then starts writing eBooks on how to do the same with houses.

Bob could have separate sites for each ebook, much like an affiliate of his own product.  It will help you if your primary domain is not one of the additional sites. The overall account that would cover anything you do now or later (ie your This is gold if you use an SSL for online payments.

Domain Hosting:

Finally, you are ready to get started online.  Domain hosting is often confusing the new online businesses.   You may think when you purchase your domain that your website is now ready. Domain hosting fees can vary from free to very expensive. You can upgrade the hosting package once you start to grow and drive traffic to your new website.

Some domain brokers may also have hosting packages. You should pause before clicking that buy it now button. I discuss pros and cons of domain providers, hosting services, even auto responders and landing pages here.  The article will you save money and help you avoid heartburn, read over it before you get started online.

I hope this helps you understand the basics of How to Get Started Online.  Drop me a comment and let me know. Caring is sharing, share this to Facebook and help another friend.

Sherri BW

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