See how much your website is going to cost you if you DIY

See how much your website is going to cost you if you DIY

Are you a DIYer looking to build your own custom website?

Deciding which type of business website is right for you is the hardest choice.  You discover since most custom website builders are limited on design and functionality, you need a custom website.  It is important that you remember, there are other recommend services you need for your online business success but for today, let’s just get started on a DIY Custom Website.  You can add the extras as you grow.

You have probably learned websites require continuum services, either monthly or yearly. We will use yearly fees to keep things easy.  Many providers do offer monthly plans if your getting started budget is limited.


DIY Custom Website Cost:

DIY Website Costs

Package your hosting & registrar together here, WordPress is Free and use Divi to fully customize your new site.

As you can see, the cost to DIY your custom website is more affordable than you think

Word Press offers many free templates for you to custom build your site, so you could start for as little as $16.  Free templates, just as with some website builders, do limit design and functionality. So, the best solution for this is a custom word press theme.  According to Divi is the world’s most popular custom WP theme, especially for business websites.


Then it hits you – You don’t know how to code a custom website!

No worries! Divi has a drag and drop visual web page builder.  There are also hundreds of free pre-made layouts and customization plugins as well. With the power of Divi, Google and YouTube, building a custom website has become so much easier for even the most not-so-tech-savy DIYer.
divi overview-top

With the versatility of Divi you can change your complete website or just the colors in a couple clicks of a button.  The Divi subscript
ion also includes the pro version of Boom and Monarch. With Boom you can create customized popups and optins, eliminating the need for an additional landing page service. Divi overview-middleMonarch is the top social media sharing plug in on Word Press.  It’s easy integration and design layouts means more shares and more followers.

All in all, Divi gives you the ability to DIY your own custom website that will provide you and your visitors a fabulous experience at an extremely affordable price. So now you know much your website is going to cost you if you DIY.


I hope this helps you the best services for your online business success. Drop me a comment and let me know. Caring is sharing, share this to Facebook and help another friend.

Sherri BW

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What Services do You Need for Your Online Business Success

What Services do You Need for Your Online Business Success

Services I recommend for your online business success

I receive emails and instant messages daily about what services I have used and recommend for my online business success.  Many times the sales pages on the website is either confusing or maybe even overselling services.  I have helped so many untangle the mess created by some services. Therefore, I wanted to take a few minutes to discuss services that I recommend, use and why.

I hope you have read the articles How to Get Your Business Started Online  and Which Type of Business Website is Right for You. If so then you too are probably wondering the same thing that I am asked daily. What do I use or recommend for online business success?  Now if you haven’t read those, take a few minutes to read them so you know which steps to do first.

Domain Providers & Hosting Services for your online business success

Many services offer both domain purchasing and hosting all on the same accounts. Hosting is different than purchasing your domain.  Sometimes it appears to be on the same account, yet you have separate log-ins for different areas.  Just as confusing for newbies is to have two separate companies for those services. It will get easier and your web-designer can help you. Keep this in mind, there company you purchase a domain name or hosting services may vary also by the country you live in so.

  • For Domain purchases,

    I prefer 1& Prices start as little as .99 first year but all domains and future years privacy registration is included in their fee at no additional charge.  This can save you $10-15 per domain, per year.  If you are new, you will not even realize this until you check out only to see the up-sell.  Also included is one free email per domain even if not hosted with them.  This will allow you to use other types of services but still have access to your domain email.  They have a hosting package as well, although I use a different one discussed next.  However, domain hosting for .99 month is pretty eye catching for the wallet when starting out.

  • I host most my domains

    with HostGator.  You can also purchase your domain through them.  Hostgator’s  dependability and customer service is top notch!  The technical and customer service staff is wonderful, usually going above and beyond to get things done for you. Support site is separate from the control panel and sometimes offers confusion but they are a phone call away.  I LOVE the free dedicated SSL for businesses! Have you seen prices for SSL, this can save you hundreds each year!  HostGator also offers unlimited add on domains saving even more in hosting.  Therefore, you can host ALL your domains for one low price.

  • Go Daddy

    is the World’s largest registar!  They too offer hosting services.   I personally think HostGator has them beat in customer service, although I am a pro advisor with GoDaddy.  On the flip side of that, with Go Daddy as large as they are, many hosting services have simplistic methods for Go Daddy domains.  Probably one of the most popular but I didn’t care for the customer service.  Also another note would be the transferring, verifying and even paying your fees can render you a lost domain.  Nightmare story! Other popular registrars through out the world are NameCheap & BlueHost. for those in a country where the above services are not offered.

Auto-responder Services for your online business success

Now that your site is set up. It’s time to grow your email list.  Now, when I set up websites, I do this at the same time.  Some use the contact form plug in provided with their domain host or word press until they are ready to start frequent marketing.  Either way is fine, it’s all about your preferences for your online business success.

  • MailChimp offers a free subscription service up to 2000 list members.  It allows you to send up to 12,000 emails out each month as well.  However, statics and fancy services are limited in the free version.   They offer a premium package but I prefer others for the Premium level. I used this one to start and still do for some lists. If you started your website with Wix or a similar service, you can use their system as well.  The free services like those will be limit 3-5 emails per month for free.
  • Get Response is my preferred auto responder service. I converted from Aweber and MailChimp.  Many free features in their basic plan that other responder systems charge for. So now Get Response includes the new email automation system. This means your emails are sent based on subscriber actions much like the infamous Infusion Soft at a fraction of the price.
  • Aweber I liked Aweber and actually only changed due to the JV_Zoo program.  I have heard others say both good and bad.  Like with Get Response there is a 30 day free trial.
  • Constant Contact, I Contact, Infusion Soft, Sales Force and so many more… I will continue to update this section for you as each business has different needs.
  • Full Service with Private CRM’s – Yes, there are even all in one services that can provide you not only sales pages, opt-in forms,  funnel building and even a custom auto-responder. There are dozens of systems, like this all with different features.
  • Mobile Marketing systems – you have seen them everywhere text WORD to #### for info. There are many, some are junk, some are so expensive you need a marketing budget of Walmart but I found a good one that I absolutely love! Now, most of the affordable mobile marketing systems will still connect to your existing email marketing system.

A few of the systems I use in my 25 Yrs of online business success

  • LeadPages – I can not tell you how much time this has saved me!  Dozens and Dozens of high converting templates, advertising boxes, custom ad links and mobile marketing all built into the same program.  If you are like me, and actually use the same or similar template across different websites, the free WP app makes it replicatable in a matter of seconds!  You don’t even need your own website! 30 Day trial and hours of free training!
  • Private CRM, MLSP – Only been a member for a few months and already boosting leads, opt-ins and sales! EVERYTHING you need from affiliate products to promoting your business opportunity instantly upon opt-in. Make money off the pro’s while you build your business or MLM.  Products, blogs, articles, free things to give away, your own websites, built in sales funnel and auto-responders It’s an all in one package and can be customized for any business or MLM as you grow.  Take the 10 Day test run if you don’t believe me, watch your opt-ins, leads and conversions SOAR!
  • Mobile Texting – Aside from live video feed like with Periscope, mobile marketing is absolutely the strongest and easiest form of building your list and generating more leads and conversions.  I have seen many of these systems at outrageous set up fees and monthly fees.  This one offers a one time fee and a one time FREE bulk of texts and voice messages to an unlimited keyword list. Be sure to ask me about getting 1000 FREE texts and 250 voice minutes just for using my link!
  • Social Media Management – we will dive deeper into this in a future post, but many are asking so I thought I would include it for you here.  Our busy schedules often make it hard to post to our social media platforms consistently.  I have used many systems for SMM and other than an outside company management I have stuck with two primary DIY Managers. HootSuite Pro is my favorite.  It offers the most bang for your buck in the number of feeds you can have, suggested articles to share and overall analysis.  Buffer, like Hootsuite offers a limited free version as well as upgrade plans for more flexibility.

I hope this helps you the best services for your online business success. Drop me a comment and let me know. Caring is sharing, share this to Facebook and help another friend.

Sherri BW

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What You Need to Know About Credit Card Acceptance

What You Need to Know About Credit Card Acceptance

Credit Card Acceptance in our evolving cashless society

Credit card acceptance can be so mind blowing today with all the companies and all the new rules!  Do you accept credit cards in your business yet?  Are you confused about how to start accepting credit cards for your business?

Consumers around the world love plastic!  In fact, credit card transactions account for 89% of purchases made in the UK, with 76% made online! American’s statics are very similar.  Per the Federal Reserve, the US debit and credit card transactions account for 5.72 Trillion dollars in 2015.

I have been an entrepreneur for more than 25 years, back in the day when not many business even accepted credit cards.  In 1997 I launched my first website with an online payment processer known then as PayPal purchased the company in 2000.  Back then, it was hard to find a credit card processor,  much less a merchant account for online transactions.

Today, accepting credit cards is vital for any business; online or physical, B2B or B2C. However, with so many new regulations from customer service to integration to payment security there are many things for business owners to consider.  There are thousands of credit card processing companies.  There are also a bunch of well, rather inconspicuous companies claiming to be valid…

YIKES – That’s scary!

Credit Card Acceptance Checklist

Click to Print Your Free Check List Now

As an entrepreneur, I understand how scary all this can be.  I know it is important to determine what is best for you and your business.  To help you learn more about credit card acceptance, our friends over at BluePay have provided us with a comprehensive checklist to share with you.  Feel free to print it and share it as well.

Nearly 90% of all transactions are made with credit and debit cards. Thus it is essential for you to learn more on implementing into your business. Our world is becoming a cashless society, therefore you should be ready!

I hope this helps you understand credit card acceptance in your business. Drop me a comment and let me know. Caring is sharing, share this to Facebook and help another friend.

Sherri BW

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3 Most Important Webpages #SEO vs CYA

3 Most Important Webpages #SEO vs CYA

Do you know your 3 Most Important Webpages You Need for an effective website? 

If you are like most business owners with websites, you may not know the 3 most important webpages you need.

If you are looking to rank via SEO or simply want to run Facebook or Google Ads, you must have these pages.  Oh and let’s not forget, some are required by federal law!  Some need them for SEO ranking, others need them because ad platforms require them, yet others call them CYA pages fo leagal issues. Now, if you are Rob Fore, you can rank any website page in any type of niche with any keywords, industry or company in just a matter of days!

This are the tips that will be the best way to get your business rank as far as SEO by Rob Fore. He is the social media giant and can rank any page in any type of keywords, industry or company in days. After being told by his doctor he had cancer and only a few short months to get his affairs in order, he knew he had to create a massive income, extremely fast in order to take care of his family.  He went on to create multiple 6 figure plus business in just a few short months. But you are not Rob, so let’s learn some of his success tricks

Now his private trainings are available to MLSP Mastery Members but I have included his three most important webpages below.  I love the suggestions as it not only covers his SEO tricks but coves the requirements for social media ads, Googles Penguin tips, federal law and the CYA legal protection in most cases.

The essential three pages you need are:

Contact page

It doesn’t need to have your name (but I suggest it) but it needs to have a phone number and a valid email address. If you wanted to rank SEO wise, it does need to have some type of physical address. It serves two purposes it shows your viewers and SEO engines that you are real and not some type of scammer.

Policy Page

If you do not disclose your privacy policy on what you do with your subscribers information you can held legally responsible with out limitations. Within your privacy policy page depending on what you actually do if you collect payments or policy goods you should specify what you do with the information you collect.  I don’t sell your info, I don’t share your info but many sites will share subscriber with sister companies and even sell it!

Depending on your circumstances your policy page can also dictate your refund or return policy.  If you have an e-commerce site selling items directly from your site, I suggest a separate file for each.


Disclaimer is just for information purposes regarding the terms you have with regards to your product. If you are earning money for your business disclaim it, if you are an affiliate disclaim it, or for weight loss, health, diet tips site be sure to use the additional disclaimers.  Here’s an example.  Children’s chlothes (especially California) certain toys,the list goes on.  You have to make sure that you always have this page in your website so that it can protect you against legal cases.

Where or How do You Get These 3 Important Webpage Pages?

If you have watched any of my trainings or seen my Periscopes you already know my most recommended answer. Your Attorney.  However there are many online legal form services too.  I actually found a legal paralegal on Fiverr that completes these for many states.  This link gets you a free gig too! No matter which method is best for your business, I always suggest tailoring these to YOU, if you need help just let me know.

Are the 3 Most Important Webpages all I need for SEO rankings?

Now these pages will help to increase your rankings greatly and quickly. There is more that goes into SEO ranking though. In this 20 minute video Rob not only shows you how he can use his secrete tool to rank you even faster, he also show you the keyword phrases than generate him the most money!

Clay Collins with LeadPages also has an idea of the Most Important Webpages ~ and how to create them easily. Clay and the team at LeadPages suggest 4 Primary Pages. These 4 pages help you rank among the best in means of SEO in order to build your email list! The training webinars are each Wednesday, you can register on the webinar link here.

Sharing is Caring

Did you find this useful? Do you know someone that may find it useful as well? Be sure to share this out. I would love to hear from you too. Leave me a comment and let me know what you liked or disliked most so I can better serve you.

Sherri BW




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PS – If you would like to spruce up your SEO, check out these 5 simple steps

When is it Time to Buy?

When is it Time to Buy?

Tips to Help you Decide When is it time to buy

The last several weeks I have been receiving messages about when it’s time to invest to help your business grow.  Invest like buy programs, trainings or hiring professionals.  For twenty plus years I have been helping my clients grow and manage their business.  Many reach the point like you have where Free and low cost services are just not enough.  Have you reached this point and wonder when is it time to buy?

First narrow down why you haven’t already. Many fear online scams. Others are confused about differentiating what appears to be similar products and services. Like you, they have asked “What do you buy from who ” and “when do you know it’s time to buy” ?. Since many inquires were from my Periscope followers, I  did a Periscope broadcast about this.  In reviewing the comments on ScoperChat the next day, I ran upon a forum post entitled Scammers on Periscope. While the poster was using some top scopers as examples for the mindset services they offer, this was right in line with many of my clients fears. And Mine. Probably yours too.

My broadcast from the day before actually gave suggestions on how I helped a client decide if it was time to buy his Free Demo he had.  I felt obligated to reply to the forum post as it does relate to my clients and followers like you. Instead of retying what I posted I decided to copy it below. 

So here it is:

Hi Dr Zoo!

I did a Periscope yesterday on a very similar and related topic. It was entitled:

When do you know it’s time to buy

I have received many questions surrounding buying products/services:

  • Whom to buy from
  • When it’s time to buy their product/service.
  • How to determine if the price is worth it

While I did not name drop I tried to shed light on how I determine when it’s time for me to purchase and how I have helped my clients in various business niches make a decision. I explained the overall decision is of course the business owners but at times we need clarity in our decisions. Similar to your suggestion, we have to determine if the purchase is made out of a need or passion or simply an impulse.

Money blinds us in both spending and receiving.

In the client’s case of a physical product, which is an extremely expensive product (10s of thousands). He was able to test the equipment for 30 days with no obligation. During this time, he was able to communicate with customer service, get a feel of the equipment as well as see an increase in revenue from the equipment.

It was important to itemize all the good as well as all the bad regarding this purchase. The increase in cash flow was a blinding signal, we had to determine if the overall increase prompted for an increase in bottom line revenue as well. We had to determine if the extra work force, the training time, and the expenditures for the equipment (supplies, cost ect) were actually worth both time and cost of the equipment.

How this approach helps with digital/virtual services or product decisions.

Starting with the end in mind. Many (but not all) courses and services offered across the world wide web come with a guarantee. Many do not offer the fine print until the actual purchase is made. This is where the “bad rep” comes to play. One purchases the service under a “false feeling of winning the lottery” as you put it, then realized the service was:

  • Too difficult for them
  • Not really what they needed
  • Too expensive to implement
  • Took too much time to learn
  • Didn’t meet their expectations

Based on any or all of the above, a refund is requested: Then denied due to the fine print. The fine print stated in some cases “you must do what I do”: Ahhh the bigger picture. They spent $5,000 in ads, they spent 10 hours a day on social media, they hire someone to do graphics/copy write, they use 5 other monthly services costing $10-100 each, the list goes on and on. However, since you didn’t do what they did, you don’t get the refund.

My suggestion was based on simple clarity.

The basis of internet marketing is to build an email list based on the value we offer our opt-ins. Many times we offer a lead magnet, free gift, freemium, extremely low cost item, ect for exchange of the opt-ins email address. Sometimes it may be nothing more than a simple free 1-page PDF relevant to the solving the problem. Other times it may be a free webinar packed full of valuable tips or solutions to the opt-in’s problem.

My suggestion is to virtually weigh what they received in relation to the time it took to “get the problem solved”.

For instance, the PDF gift, for the entire time it took them to learn about the free gift (periscope, email, blog article), sign up for it, read it and implement it…. was it worth the time?

If the optin spends a full hour on a free webinar where 10 minutes was a solution or tip, the other 50 was a sales pitch, they have to determine if that one single solution was worth an hour of their time.

Finally, how much value has the seller already provided. Do they share daily tips or solutions? Are they pitching you every time they communicate or actually giving value – Think Emails, podcasts, video training, Periscope, SnapChat, Social Media feeds, ect.

These are usually a good indicator of the service/product you will receive when you decide to buy. Generally, if I receive a 10 min video tip and a PDF I don’t expect the upsell product or service to be more than $10-50, in some cases maybe $100.

If I receive daily communication, tips or something like a free mini course over say a 7-day span, I expect to pay more if they give that much away. Based on what I have purchased in this style; it has ranged $300-1000.

To an extreme side, last year John Benson held a “Hangout-athon” for his program launch “Sellerator”. I believe it was 10 days and it was live webinars on Google Hangouts on Air. Yes, LIVE with Q&A too. The FREE golden nuggets he dropped were worth paying for! So needless to say, after doing this for a week and half, I knew the price would be higher. When the $2,000 popped up for this program, I felt what he would offer inside the program was worth every dime! Oh and the bonuses were worth double!

I follow all three of the broadcasters you mention (Alex Khan -#WeKhan, Dana Garrison – LoveTribe and Shawn Thomas- Ask A Millionaire® and others you have not. These particular broadcasters offer mindset services over products (other than Shawn’s eBook). This is important. It takes a while, a long while, to change someone’s perspective on anything. It involves changing habits, creating new positive actions but most of all, implementation. While it is a lot easier to follow a step by step guide on making an image, it’s a totally different creature to change the way we think. Most think if they did it I can too… but then they don’t. This is usually because they will not change their perspective on mindset, thus fail again.

Since yesterday’s broadcast I have received more questions around “whom to buy from” when several offer what seems to be the same type product/service. While some of their concerns are answered above (value vs time), I do plan on an upcoming broadcast to help narrow this down even further.