Get Paid on Your Facebook Ads!

Facebook now has mobile ads

finally after all these years FB woke up!  If you haven’t started targeting your efforts to mobile, well it’s time you take a look too, #justsaying! The average cell phone person spends over 50% of their 3 hour average a day on social media.  With Facebook still being the most popular social media platform world wide, Facebook ads make all the sense you need to start!

Understanding the mobile market place is essential, rather you are running paid ads or just setting up your website.  This is one reason why I post the details in a couple short little paragraphs and when you are you ready to dive in deep, then you are one click away and didn’t use up your data!

So in this training you will learn how to:

  • Capture the best working email address of your target market
  • Get paid right on the Ad!
  • Increase your conversions by 10 times!
  • Learn a sweet little hack around the 20% text rule
  • Run your Facebook Ads for as little as .28 per lead
  • Even learn how to run your paid ad absolutely Free

All you have to do to learn all this and more is click on the picture below!


Facebook Live is Here!

Facebook Live is here

and many think it has been expanded from only verified pages to include all personal accounts to compete with Periscope.  No matter what you may think you can now be using Facebook live!  There are things to keep in mind however since it is on your personal account.  Your friends may enjoy watching the grand slam your son accomplished at the ball park, or your grandmother will adore you if you catch your daughter’s first steps neither will enjoy seeing post after post, video after video of your business or MLM opportunity.

That is not to say there is not a way to promote your business using Facebook Live on your personal page, you just need to learn how!  Your personal page is your personal space, that’s all there is to it.  Yes, your business is part of your life but it is only a segment of your life.  Once you learn how to promote properly, your leads and customers will come.  Further, you won’t fret about Facebook shutting down your account due to your personal followers, friends and family marking your Live feeds as spam!

I know now you are asking, well just how am I suppose to do that. Yep thought you were.  I have a free recoded training that goes over everything you need to get started using FB Live on your personal account for business, see the box below.


FREE Facebook Advertising System

Facebook Advertising & Business….

Are you among the thousands of businesses that want to utilize Facebook Advertising? Are you lost on where to start?  You have seen so many systems and programs but scared to sink the funds into one since you are not sure about it… How about an absolutely FREE Facebook Advertising System complete with tutorial! Yes, a working fully tested, successful Facebook Advertising System just-for-you that you can start using right now!  Also is a fabulous Facebook Advertising tutorial and cheat sheet.  They are yours for the asking!

During the migration of the website – if this message is here, it’s not done yet but I didn’t want you to miss it or have to hunt it down. Simply click either picture or both since two different gifts to you and you can view the details!