Your LinkedIn Profile Header – are you missing opportunities?

Your LinkedIn Profile Header – are you missing opportunities?

Why is your LinkedIn Profile Header Important?

Were you aware your LinkedIn Profile Header could be causing you to miss out on potential opportunities?

Many may not be aware LinkedIn provides you the option to use the Hero image also known as the LinkedIn Profile Header Image.  Do you know what it can actually do for you?  Rather you are using LinkedIn for business prospects, new customers or to land your dream job, your profile header can help set you apart.  Even some powerful LinkedIn Influences updated their profile header increasing follower growth over 900%!

Over the years, LinkedIn has grown to be one of the largest social media platforms world wide. While Facebook personal profiles are just that, personal; LinkedIn has been and still is known as the number one networking site for business professionals.  While many use LinkedIn on a daily basis, one thing is certain, when someone is looking for business and professional connections they look to LinkedIn.

So what does your LinkedIn Profile Header image say about you?

As with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc, the first thing people see when landing upon a profile could be the Plain-Jane profile LinkedIn was once known for.   It was up to us to make our resume looking profile data prominent and stand out. As with the other social platforms LinkedIn now gives us what I like to call “free real estate” on our profile pages. According to Paul Copcutt, a leading brand manager, the importance of a professional LinkedIn header image is often overlooked.

Let’s take a look.


Shawn Thomas, founder Ask-A-Millionaire – LinkedIn Public Profile Default View

Now, he doesn’t use LinkedIn much, but his profile is searched quite a bit.  He emphasis on his daily Periscopes and SnapChats for new viewers to seek social proof.  Now if you looked at his phenomenal Instagram Accounts, you might not know for sure this was the same person. If you the time to read his profile you would see it is but many of us in our rushed lifestyles want to see something instant.

Let’s take a look at his profile using the LinkedIn Header Image.

Using his photo of the Nashvile skyline and his personal logo

Using his photo of the Nashville skyline and his personal logo

Now the beautiful Nashville skyline is conversation starter for sure.  Eye catching skylines are great for those that like to keep their business and personal accounts separate.  It’s also a nice theme for those using LinkedIn searching for the dream job.  It gives the viewers some personality behind you and helps with conversations.


Same Picture with a larger logo and same filters as his AAM  Instagram account.

As you can see using the same background with a filter can make your header image more uniform with your other social media platforms.  It is primarily a decision of which type of banner you want.  More info on that in a moment.  Are you ready to make yours?


Now this is Shawn’s custom theme colors and logo for the Ask A Millionaire website.

Upon landing on his profile, you don’t even need to read to know for certain, he is the Shawn of Ask A Millionaire. Now he could also use this for a LinkedIn Business page and keep the Nashville Sky line as his personal.  Its all about the connections he is looking for via LinkedIn.


Have some fun, match your header image with your profile picture.

Just another example to show you how much more powerful your LinkedIn Profile page can be using the free real estate LinkedIn affords us with our header images.

Types and styles of LinkedIn Header Images

I use three types of Header images throughout my social media pages.  In no particular order, I change mine out to co-inside with what I am doing and the business owners I prospect. You can learn to make these too right here!


Snippets of Services or General Tips

This allows for the new viewer to know a basic idea with out even reading my bio. Sometimes I will use a similar style but replace the service snippets with helpful tips or my other social media channel names. This style can be used in any type business, no matter if service or product oriented.

CTA's work well across all social media platforms and LinkedIn is no exception

CTA’s work well across all social media platforms and LinkedIn is no exception

Prompting for a Call To Action has always been a great banner across all my social media platforms.  Now, hear me out, don’t send people to your MLM mirror site on any platform but especially LinkedIn. Offer tips, guides, webinar registration pages etc.  I have more suggestions on the LinkedIn Profile Tutorial.

WOW, talk about a conversation starter!

WOW, pretty isn’t it! My third type of banner – The Conversation Starter

This is one of my followers from LinkedIn.  Beautiful and eye catching. And yes it started a conversation :). As stated above with Shawn’s Nashville image, these simple but bold pictures can be used by any user. Also as an entrepreneur, when I see a personality type image vs the plain generic profile, they always get my attention when hiring employees and outsourcing projects. You can do this in a matter of minutes, I show you how here.

Don’t forget about the Mobile View

In today’s easy use technology, users rely more on mobile devices than desktop. LinkedIn reports nearly 50% of it’s users, use the platform via the cell phone.  Having an image header that looks good on mobile devices is essential.  Unlike websites where you can generate a mobile image for mobile users, you have to use an image that looks good on both.


Would you like to see the tutorial Now?

So now you are ready to make your LinkedIn profile stand out!  At the current time, Canva (free online image creator) doesn’t have LinkedIn header template to use, and most of the ones i found online are either confusing or outdated. I have also outsourced these in the past but found it very aggravating when the image wasn’t perfect and I had to wait several more days to get it corrected…or in some cases I was just out of luck! But I have one for you.  I also have a tutorial showing you just how easy it is use.  For those using Photoshop or Power Point, allow me to show you how to get the perfect image every time!


Sharing is Caring

Did you learn Why is your LinkedIn Profile Header Image Important?  Do you know someone that may find it useful as well? Be sure to share this out. I would love to hear from you too. Leave me a comment and let me know what you liked or disliked most so I can better serve you.

Get Paid on Your Facebook Ads!

Facebook now has mobile ads

finally after all these years FB woke up!  If you haven’t started targeting your efforts to mobile, well it’s time you take a look too, #justsaying! The average cell phone person spends over 50% of their 3 hour average a day on social media.  With Facebook still being the most popular social media platform world wide, Facebook ads make all the sense you need to start!

Understanding the mobile market place is essential, rather you are running paid ads or just setting up your website.  This is one reason why I post the details in a couple short little paragraphs and when you are you ready to dive in deep, then you are one click away and didn’t use up your data!

So in this training you will learn how to:

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Facebook Live is Here!

Facebook Live is here

and many think it has been expanded from only verified pages to include all personal accounts to compete with Periscope.  No matter what you may think you can now be using Facebook live!  There are things to keep in mind however since it is on your personal account.  Your friends may enjoy watching the grand slam your son accomplished at the ball park, or your grandmother will adore you if you catch your daughter’s first steps neither will enjoy seeing post after post, video after video of your business or MLM opportunity.

That is not to say there is not a way to promote your business using Facebook Live on your personal page, you just need to learn how!  Your personal page is your personal space, that’s all there is to it.  Yes, your business is part of your life but it is only a segment of your life.  Once you learn how to promote properly, your leads and customers will come.  Further, you won’t fret about Facebook shutting down your account due to your personal followers, friends and family marking your Live feeds as spam!

I know now you are asking, well just how am I suppose to do that. Yep thought you were.  I have a free recoded training that goes over everything you need to get started using FB Live on your personal account for business, see the box below.


Twitter Your Way to 10K

Twitter Your Way to 10K

Do you know the 3 types of business websites?

Your right, you need a business website.  You have stumbled upon the top reasons you need a website for your business.  You decide now you are ready for your own business website. Next you probably did a google search for Build a Website and choked with over a billion results.

So where on earth do you start?

There are three basic models, types, styles or formats if you will for a business website.  You will see each broken down for you below.  All three models have both pros and cons. You should become familiar with each so you can choose the best format for your business website.

To help illustrate, let’s use building a house to help you understand what to look for a little better.  You wake up in the morning and decide you want a new house. Like a house, there are many ways you can achieve your new website for your business. This will discuss the actual type. Within each type, you can choose to build a blog, an eCommerce site, or just a simple website about your business services to gather leads.

The Free or Cheap Business Website:

You have probably seen the TV commercials for these two, top ranked free website builders.    They are Wix and Weebly and share the same pros and cons.  Their advertisements show a couple clicks and you will be driving traffic to your new business website. There are a couple more website building platforms rising in the ranks. They are WebSiteBuilder and SiteBuilder. They are two separate custom built websites, each with a different look and feel but are actually the same company.

Pros to Free Website Builders-

  • To start with, It’s fast.
  • It’s pretty economical too,
  • In all honesty, most look really nice,
  • Great for non-techy people and
  • Probably the best of all, It’s very hard to mess it up

Cons to Free Website Builders–

  • It’s more like a condo than a house – you share the address with everyone else
  • You have limits on what you can do and how big you can get. As you grow, you will outgrow the website with the only option to build another or move it, which can be just as hard as starting over.
  • There are many hidden fees – As with homeowner association fees, there’s always fees to pay that are not so obvious up front.
  • The more customized you want it, however, the more expensive it is.
  • Customization are usually just cosmetic: Which side the garage is on, what colors in each room, and perhaps how many bedrooms and bathrooms.


Rent a Business Website:

Renting business website space is much like renting a house, or even your leasing your physical store space.  As such, the higher your rent the nicer your space. For those that sign long term leases, you can have it built to your needs.  Marketers call these mirror sites and mass production duplicate sites. Which Type of Business Website is Right for You

An example I am sure you have see often is a google search of product or service reviews. You chose one, usually the first or second top review contain links to a private domain to purchase it.  All the others link to maybe amazon or may not link at all.

Another example of a mirror website

Is a custom built website such as  WebSiteBuilder and SiteBuilder mentioned above.   The Google search results show two separate website builder services.  They provide the same service on the back end, unbeknownst to the viewer.  However, these are full custom sites, not your low cost duplicated websites many local SEO strategy companies offer.

Be careful though if you are looking for a local SEO strategy company. The fancy words like Micro Location Marketing, Proximity Marketing and Inbound Marketing SEO are commonly used to attract and impress you. In a nutshell, it means you have a very specific local market to target and are looking to do so by internet and social media.

Pros for Renting a Business Website–

  • Superb for the non technical person.
  • Someone does everything for you, of course, saving you time.
  • Most services are economical in the short run.Remove featured image
  • Great for a temporary situation.
  • Normally starts at a low affordable fee that sounds very attractive.
  • As a matter of fact, it is a nice way to test your market.
  • Likewise, it’s a great way to target local markets. If you chose the right company, you can dominate your target market.
  • These type sites are very popular and useful for local professionals.
  • Nice way to drive traffic to your main domain without bogging down the server.

Cons for Renting a Business Website–

  • It’s never ever yours. The mailbox may have your name on it, but the day you don’t pay rent is the day you are evicted.
  • It will look just like all others in the neighborhood (online) but with more limitations.
  • You are normally limited on space, only having 3-5 pages and a low bandwidth for traffic.
  • For those starting out, do you even have website or affiliate links to drive the traffic to.
  • You are also, normally in a contract from 6 months to a full year.
  • Once you start expanding the website to fit your growing needs, the prices go up drastically.
  • When you decide to build it better, you must start completely over from scratch.
  • Most of the time, when you stop or cancel the service, you also have to edit all your inbound accounts with the new info.

Your Own Customized Business Website:

You want full control, you need several bells and whistles and a style all your own. Yep just like your own house, built the way you want it.  This is a customized business website – want one free? There’s so much more that goes into your own customized website, likewise with building your own house.  If you in this for the long haul, this is the option I recommend.

Pros to Your Own Customized Business Website-

  • It’s all yours, it can grow with you as you grow,
  • You can have as many customized options you want,
  • It’s different from everyone else’s
  • In the long run, if you are willing to work it, it’s well worth every one of the Con’s.

Cons to Your Own Customized Business Website–

  • You must decide where to build (a CMS – html, WordPress, Tumblr, Joomla) Kiss Metrics has even more platforms listed here.
  • Furthermore, you need to buy the property (your domain name and hosting service)
  • Next, you will need to buy all the necessary permits (plugins, templates, software programs, eCommerce solutions)
  • You may choose to buy a design, either completely custom or one you can modify (WordPress Template)
  • In addition to those, you may need to hire a builder or you can build it yourself.
  • Then you start planning and purchasing the individual components that need. (Like Graphics)

Time to Decide:Which website is right for you?

I hope this article helps you determine which style of business website is best for you. Remember, you can always expand if your platform is solid. From years of experience and re-work, I can honestly say, get what you need for the long run so your business can be as successful as you would like it to be.

Do You Know Which Type of Business Website is Right for You now? Drop me a comment and let me know. Caring is sharing, share this to Facebook and help another friend.

Sherri BW




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Twitter has been a MASSIVE source of my leads,

new prospects, signups and customers for quite some time now. With Periscope launching just a few short months ago I saw yet another surge in new followers.  Periscope is owned by Twitter, for those unaware, and my scopes are set to Tweet out automatically.  While there are several software tools, apps and plugins to make automation easier, I just discovered these new ones that have made a huge impact in just a few short days. It has taken several months for one of my accounts to reach the 10K status, these easy to follow steps and implementation plan are proving just how powerful this new discovery is as I am watching the other accounts soar and I wanted to share them with you.

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Facebook Advertising & Business….

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