Do you know your 3 Most Important Webpages You Need for an effective website? 

If you are like most business owners with websites, you may not know the 3 most important webpages you need.

If you are looking to rank via SEO or simply want to run Facebook or Google Ads, you must have these pages.  Oh and let’s not forget, some are required by federal law!  Some need them for SEO ranking, others need them because ad platforms require them, yet others call them CYA pages fo leagal issues. Now, if you are Rob Fore, you can rank any website page in any type of niche with any keywords, industry or company in just a matter of days!

This are the tips that will be the best way to get your business rank as far as SEO by Rob Fore. He is the social media giant and can rank any page in any type of keywords, industry or company in days. After being told by his doctor he had cancer and only a few short months to get his affairs in order, he knew he had to create a massive income, extremely fast in order to take care of his family.  He went on to create multiple 6 figure plus business in just a few short months. But you are not Rob, so let’s learn some of his success tricks

Now his private trainings are available to MLSP Mastery Members but I have included his three most important webpages below.  I love the suggestions as it not only covers his SEO tricks but coves the requirements for social media ads, Googles Penguin tips, federal law and the CYA legal protection in most cases.

The essential three pages you need are:

Contact page

It doesn’t need to have your name (but I suggest it) but it needs to have a phone number and a valid email address. If you wanted to rank SEO wise, it does need to have some type of physical address. It serves two purposes it shows your viewers and SEO engines that you are real and not some type of scammer.

Policy Page

If you do not disclose your privacy policy on what you do with your subscribers information you can held legally responsible with out limitations. Within your privacy policy page depending on what you actually do if you collect payments or policy goods you should specify what you do with the information you collect.  I don’t sell your info, I don’t share your info but many sites will share subscriber with sister companies and even sell it!

Depending on your circumstances your policy page can also dictate your refund or return policy.  If you have an e-commerce site selling items directly from your site, I suggest a separate file for each.


Disclaimer is just for information purposes regarding the terms you have with regards to your product. If you are earning money for your business disclaim it, if you are an affiliate disclaim it, or for weight loss, health, diet tips site be sure to use the additional disclaimers.  Here’s an example.  Children’s chlothes (especially California) certain toys,the list goes on.  You have to make sure that you always have this page in your website so that it can protect you against legal cases.

Where or How do You Get These 3 Important Webpage Pages?

If you have watched any of my trainings or seen my Periscopes you already know my most recommended answer. Your Attorney.  However there are many online legal form services too.  I actually found a legal paralegal on Fiverr that completes these for many states.  This link gets you a free gig too! No matter which method is best for your business, I always suggest tailoring these to YOU, if you need help just let me know.

Are the 3 Most Important Webpages all I need for SEO rankings?

Now these pages will help to increase your rankings greatly and quickly. There is more that goes into SEO ranking though. In this 20 minute video Rob not only shows you how he can use his secrete tool to rank you even faster, he also show you the keyword phrases than generate him the most money!

Clay Collins with LeadPages also has an idea of the Most Important Webpages ~ and how to create them easily. Clay and the team at LeadPages suggest 4 Primary Pages. These 4 pages help you rank among the best in means of SEO in order to build your email list! The training webinars are each Wednesday, you can register on the webinar link here.

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